Nirmali Nath – The Royal Enfield Girl from Assam

A “wanderbug” in the true sense, Nirmali Nath spends most of her time on the road with her 350 cc Royal Enfield which she had brought into her life some years back. Her very first journey was a daunting road trip from Guwahati, Assam to the remote land of Leh-Ladakh. The successful completion of her […]

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Kosu thuri | Have you tried the Assamese Signature style Colocasia ?

I presume, Colocasia needs no introduction 🙂 Well, I have enjoyed eating it since forever, and surprisingly it’s quite popular across the globe too! In India, there are so many distinctive regional variations of the same ingredient; while some are quirky, some are quite exquisite and the flavours range from being sweet to sour to […]

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Sungaat dia Bora Saol and Murgi Mangxo

Baahor Sungut Dia Saol or Mangxo,  a popular cooking technique in Assam, literally translates to rice/meat in a bamboo hollow, a technique that is all about slow cooking of food in wood fire or charcoal using a bamboo hollow.During the early days bamboo tubes were used effectively as alternates to modern day pressure cookers, steamers […]

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15 things to remember before you start off to travel to Northeast India

“How to travel to North East India”, “Where to travel in North East India”.. these are few common questions people ask before traveling to North East India. Answers to those questions are available on internet but there are few other things which no one will tell you. We have mentioned few of them which you […]

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