Indian Idol Contestant Maalavika sundar from chennai singing an Assamese number

    Definitely you are going to get goosebumps when you here that line “পাহাৰে ভয়ামে অসমীয়াৰে বিহুতি….ডেকা-গাভৰুয়ে ব’হাগীকে আদৰে”. Listen to whole song and I hope we the “খাৰ খোৱা অসমীয়া” will not try to find and comment negative on it. A Girl..a South Indian Girl who doesn’t have any connection with us tried to showcase our culture, song in a national level. We the assamese people are so proud of you Malavika. We also appreciate the girl Ankita Baruah from Sivasagar, who played the dhul.

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