NE Indian Music, Culture, Food, Arts to be showcased in New Delhi by DoNER ministry(9-10th Sept)

    Be There At ‘North-East Calling’

    The North-East India: It is a region that has been discussed about in many ways and for many different reasons. Be it because of the varied flora and fauna or the numerous languages of the eight beautiful states or be it for the amazing arts and culture or the smiling, innocent natives, North-East India has been glorious since many centuries now.

    However, this region has seen its bad days; the natives have been humiliated by people across the nation, and the region and its people have been exploited by many as well. There have been episodes of hatred and crime inspired by the racial discrimination faced by the people of this region mainly because of the linguistic differences and the differences in physical appearance. It is about time that the rest of India clears all kinds of apprehensions and  prevent ill-will from expanding among the people of North-East India and other regions across the nation.

    The region deserves to be embraced in every way that makes it unique. It is unique in its raw, natural beauty, it is unique in its  number of languages and the sound of them, it is unique in the physical appearance of its natives who are believed to be the descendants of different regions of South Asia and Southeast Asia, and much more. Keeping in mind all these aspects about the region, the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (Ministry of DoNER) has taken an initiative in its 16th Anniversary to promote the spirit of unity and brotherhood in the nation and clear the negative perceptions that the rest of the nation has about NE India. This initiative is all about joining hearts and encourage the whole of the nation to embrace the unique aspects of the region. The good news is that this idea has been proposed by the assistant secretaries of the Ministry of DoNER from the IAS Batch of 2015.

    The Ministry of DoNER has conducted an event to showcase all the activities and products the region has undertaken and produced, from dance, music and sports activities to handloom and handicrafts. Not only products and activities, the ministry will also promote the artists, designers, entrepreneurs and other famous people who have carved their own name through their talent in the region and beyond. Partnership opportunities will also be allowed and encouraged in the NE to the rest of the country.

    This two-day event will be conducted on Saturday and Sunday, the 9th and the 10th of September this year and the main idea is to declare the opening of the outlets for NERAMAC and NEHHDC in Delhi. The invitations will be distributed to the various embassies across the capital and beyond so that they promote the export of NE products.

    From conferences and contests to food stalls and music festivals, this two-day event will be a stunning sight to behold and an experience for a lifetime. For those who love handloom, the colorful handloom demo shows will be exhilarating and for those who are culturally inclined, the cultural night will be refreshing. If you want to explore the raw, untouched, and magnificent beauty of NE India in all the aspects the region is known to be unique for, be there on 9th and 10th September 2017 at India Gate, New Delhi with your friends and family for a unique and rejuvenating North-East Indian experience.


    An alumnus of LSR, Delhi University, Tezaswita Choudhury is a Bangalore-based Content Writer and Editor by profession and born and brought up in the quaint town of North Guwahati in Assam. She feels a deep connect with the North-East India. An avid reader and writer, Tezaswita loves singing and is trained in Hindustani Classical Music