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Bakhar Bengena Tree or বাখৰ বেঙেনা গছ (অসমীয়া) of Assam ,  mystical tree is believed to be 700 year old is located at Bakata, 30 km from Sivasagar,Assam. There is a belief that this 3 meter high tree was planted by famous Barahi King Mahamanikya of Jayantipur. The tree was discovered by famous botanist of India U N Kanchilan in 1939 gave the scientific name as Rendia Ulizinsa.

This legendary tree, which very well has a scope of making it to the list of some of the oldest living trees of the planet is still a mystery to the botanist and environmentalist of the world.The plant lack sexual reproduction and more interestingly scientist could not able to reproduce it artificially. After 2 years of research by The Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany,Lucknow using Radiocarbon Dating and Genetic Matching confirmed that the age of this tree could be around 580 years. Unfortunately the experts of Assam themselves, have not yet given this tree the due attention or recognition it truly deserves.

The ‘Bakhar Bengena’ tree is one of the attractions in the historic Sivasagar district with numerous archaeological properties. It is stated that the Ahom Kings of Assam preserved this tree. Some people states that such kind of tree are seen in lower part of Assam in Kamrup district. due attention is required from the authority concerned for proper recognition.


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