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So this is the reason Shillong got it’s name

When we ask about how and where the name Shillong came, different people say different stories.

Some says because of the cool climate… it is chill for long… so its been pronounce with an S i.e, Shillong.

while some other says Shillong derives its name from the peak of the same name.

according to some others It come from one of the name of the Khasi god,(LEI SHYLLONG) ,who live in Lum Shyllong(Shyllong peak).

But the most relevant answer to this is that it came from a mythical youth, U Shyllong, a supernatural youth born out of immaculate conception of a virgin mother named Lir U Shillong in Bisi, a village near Shillong. It is believed that he was the Shillong deity and the phrase, “Kot Shillong”, which means “To bring peace in time of catastrophe, danger or personal misfortune” originated in the legend.