We are a new age travel startup

We are a travel and tourism start-up, committed to building the future of how people explore and experience our beautiful North East India. Experiences that connect the customers with the roots of North East India. We are host tourist and travellers coming to North East India for authentic village experiences. Tourist who want to discover our culture, taste our cuisine, see the natural beauty, wear ethnic dresses, listen to year-old music. Today, most people working 9 to 5 are facing anxiety, depression, stress. Everyone wants a break from the urban jungle and looking to go back to our old happy days amidst nature. This has now become a trend and thousands of people joining the club every day. Also, since we are providing other rental services like bike, car, travel and camping accessories, people who travel their own can book all their requirements from us.



We want to know more about you

  When and how did you start?

We started our journey with a Facebook page back in 2015. It grew and gradually people started asking travel queries which eventually become one of the biggest travel startups in North East India

  What are your future planning?

Our vision is to grab 10% of the tourism market in North East India by 2025 and provide 1500+ direct and indirect employment to the local villagers thereby generating a scope of income for them.

  Are you a registered company?

We are a registered Company under the ministry of corporate affairs, India, by the Name BSR Digital Private Limited.

  Where is your registered office?

Our Registered office address is: Word no 8, Barpeta Road, Dist - Barpeta, Assam - 781315 and we are operating from House no. 6, Bye Lane 3, Kahilipara, Guwahati, Assam 781006