Hey all the travellers,
Have you packed your bags to visit a new place or still confused about where to go, what to do in a new place? If you are a person who loves to enjoy and explore new cultures new languages then I welcome you to the gateway of the northeast, India.
Guwahati is the only city of the northeast and also the gateway to the entire northeast. It is a place with mesmerizing natural beauty at the same time science and technology have hugged this place in an amazing manner. So, if you are a person addicted to luxuries then don't worry you will get all of it.

Now let's talk about how to reach this amazing not so hill station but also full of proper proportion of hills, planes, and rivers. The Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi international airport is just about 20 km from the main part of Guwahati which is India's 8th busy airport. One can easily get a cab from there. The second way is via train. There are two main railway stations Guwahati station (situated at Paltan bazaar) and the Kamakhya railway station (situated at Maligaon ). Among them, Kamakhya station is the most popular nowadays. One can easily get a cab or other public transport from the railway station.

The cost of living in the city is average. There are hotels rated one star to five stars. So, it's up to the traveller what he chose to go with. There are a few homestays also present for the travelers to know most about the people of Guwahati. Auto is a less popular and used vehicle here unlike the other cities. Most of the local people use public transport like bus, magic (a kind of vehicle), vans, etc. Cab is also available here and used mostly by locals and all the tourists. If you love to go for a long drive and visit new places then Zoomcar and other rental cars and bike facilities are also there to make you feel more at home. The bus fares are of moderate level which varies from seven rs to ten rs for five km. But cab fares are a bit expensive than some other cities.

The next important part you must include in your planning is which places to visit in Guwahati. Here are some popular as well as exciting places in Guwahati that one must visit.


1. The Kamakhya Mandir

The kamakhya temple is famous in all over India. Thousands of visitors come to this temple daily. Situated at the top of the Nilachal hill it has its own history. It is believed that the stairs of the Mandir are completely made only in one night by the Mahisasur (an Asur known in Indian mythology) to impress the kamakhya goddess. The temple is very beautiful and people believe that if you pray to God here your wishes will definitely be fulfilled by the goddess. The one other amazing thing about the location of the temple is that one can see the beauty of the entire city from the top of the hill where the temple is located. The best time to visit the kamakhya temple is the month of June or July when a very popular Ambubachi Mela is organized by the temple committee and government of Assam.




2. Umananda Mandir or peacock island

Peacock Island is the smallest river island in Asia. It is one of the most beautiful places of not just Guwahati but also the entire Assam. Umananda is a temple ( Uma is the Assamese name for lord shiv and Ananda means joy ) the temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and Parvati. There are mini temples of Hanumanji and other Hindu gods. One can get a ferry or small ship or boat available both from Uzan bazaar ghat and kachari ghat, for which one has to pay for about thirty or fifty rupees. There are stairs and small walking and seating area around the temple and people love to pass some of their valuable time to enjoy the touch of nature to the earth in the mid of the city.




3. Fancy bazaar


If you love to shop both from malls and expensive boutiques as well as street shops then fancy bazaar is the one-stop destination for you. Starting from clothes to shoes, from households to showpiece, from a variety of vegetables to fruits one can buy everything here. Northeast is famous for its peculiar and trendy sense of fashion and you can get all of the fashionable things in this market. If you love to bargain and buy then congratulations you will get more products in less money.
It is situated near the heart of the city that is kachari. The market is quite large and also the largest wholesale market of Assam for all the materials. The market is generally crowded so be careful while shopping.

4. Srimanta Sankardeva kalakhetra

Kalakhetra is a museum full of different showpieces and handloom cloth samples and some of the ancient valuable pieces and artwork. There is also a sample of Rangghar( situated at Siva Sagar made by Ahoms ) at the entrance of the kalakhetra. There is a large auditorium where numerous cultural programs are held. Outside the auditorium, there is a large park with a variety of trees and pools. Kalakhetra is the most important part of one's travel routine if you want to know about the culture and history of Assam. Apart from all these an auditorium is also made in the memory of Dr. Bhupen Hajarika where all of his memorable households and other things related to this legend are being preserved. Kalakhetra is near to sixmile one of the popular part of the city.

5. Pobitora wildlife sanctuary

(Not a part of Guwahati but only a few kilometers away)
The pobitora wildlife sanctuary situated in the Morigaon district which is about 30-35 kilometers away from Guwahati city is known for its population of one-horned rhino and many other animals. A river flows amidst the jungle of pobitora and many travelers both from Assam and out of Assam come to visit this sanctuary. To visit this place, one has to hire a car or other transport as communication is not that good after leaving the city. But I assure you that you will enjoy the view of the pobitora wildlife sanctuary as well as the journey from Guwahati to Pobitora. As you have to cross the Mysterious Mayong (well known for its black magic and witch doctor in all over the world from ancient times.). This mysterious place is blessed with a never-ending natural beauty and you will enjoy driving through the free roads amidst natural beauty.

6. Gandhi Mandap

Gandhi mandap is a museum made in memory of the father of the nation Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Ji. It is situated on the hilltop of Sarania hill. There is a large flag that is seen from most of Guwahati as a pride of India. You can also have a wonderful view of the city from this place and have some fresh air while chilling in the evening.

7. Beautiful places near Brahmaputra river

Visiting Assam and not enjoying the blue refreshment vibe of the Brahmaputra is almost unacceptable. Guwahati city lies at the bank of the beautiful Brahmaputra river which makes the city look more charismatic. Most of the roads of Guwahati go just near the river. One can have the feeling of going forward with the flow of the clean water of the river while driving through the roads. Some of the most preferable zones from where one can enjoy the river view in the evening are belly view (Uzan bazaar); Kharghuli road; Chandrapur road (the border area of Guwahati and also the only road connecting Mayong and Guwahati) etc.

8. Dr. Bhupen Hazarika memorial and Jalukbari

Dr. Bhupen Hazarika is not only a famous singer but he was also a famous personality known all over the country. This memorial is a tribute to this legendary singer situated on the way to the airport (Jalukbari). the view of this busy place with the mesmerizing over bridge that is the starting junction for most of the places of Assam.

9. Some other beautiful temples churches and masjid

If you are a traveler and also love to keep faith in God then Guwahati is for you. You will find people of different religions here. Some of the popular temples are Balaji Mandir (near Maniram Dewan trade center) , Sukreswar Mandir, Basistha Mandir, etc. Some of the popular churches are Christ church (Pan Bazaar), Guwahati Baptist church (lakhtokia), Zion revival church (Gorchuk ), St claret church ( borjhar ), etc. Some of the known masjids are Burha Jame masjid ( ambari )
Normally jalukbari, satgaon, panbajar are some of the popular areas with more number of Majid. There are also some gurdwara and Buddha temples present in Guwahati. People irrespective of their religion enjoy all the festivals with a warm heart.


This is just a glimpse of the mesmerizing beauty of the city. Give your valuable holiday a touch of nature and culture. Visit Guwahati and enjoy the vibe of the tribe that can never be completely represented with just for a word.

Article written By - Bidisa Kalita.

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