December to February is the best time for picnic in Assam. During this time all the picnic spots and Places in Assam witness a lot of tourists from the state as well as outside the state. Here we have collected some of the best and less crowded picnic or camping spot in Assam to enjoy a day outing.

Picnic Places in Lower Assam :

Lower Assam is blessed with a lot of natural resources and wild life and beautiful landscapes. There are many tourist across the country as well as outside of it visit those places. Here we collected places which are good for picnic and one day outing with your friends and family.

Before we provide you details of the places we would like request few things to remember when you go for a picnic to the wild. Nature has given a lot of things and we should respect the nature too.

  • Try to avoid use of plastic and other plastic disposal. Carry your own utensils, water bottles and plates to eat and cook food.
  • Clean the place and dispose off the garbage before leaving the picnic spot.
  • Most of places are home to wildlife, birds and animals. Please don't disturb them with a loud music.
  • Respect the local communities or tribes living in that area. You may also buy staff from them as they do not have other source of Income. You may pay a little extra but it will directly help a section of poor people.

We have mentioned here around 20 Places in lower Assam suitable for Picnic. If you know some places which can be developed as a picnic spot please comment below.

  1. Bogamati - Bogamati is the most common picnic place specially for people residing in Kamrup, Barpeta, Nalbari, Baksa and Darrang district. Covered with dense forest Bogamati is located on the mouth of Barnadi River in Baksa district of Assam. Distance from Guwahati is 92KM to Bogamati.
  2. Manas National Park - This national park is spread over  Chirang and Baksa district of Assam. Part of it is in Bhutan and known as Royal Manas national park. It is a UNESCO Natural World Heritage site, a Project Tiger reserve, an elephant reserve and a biosphere reserve. Many endangered species including Assam roofed turtle, hispid hare, golden langur and pygmy hog to be seen in this national park. For Picnic There is a different area outside the National Park on the bank of Manas River. Distance from Guwahati is 138KM.
  3. Chandubi Lake - This beautiful lake is just at a 64 KM from Guwahati and located in kamrup district. Known for it's natural beauty, your should never miss the sunset when travel to Chandubi lake. It is one of the major picnic spot for the people of Guwahati. There is boating and camping available near the lake.
  4. Dipor Bil - located just south west of Guwahati city is another attraction and a one day outdoor picnic location in lower Assam. Bil which means lake in Assamese is a permanent freshwater lake. This lake is known 219 verities of birds including 70 migratory birds.
  5. Surya Pahar - Located 12 KM from Goalpara town Sri Surya pahar is an archaeological site. This hilly terrain has several rock-cut Shivalingas, stupas and the deities of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain. There is open space nearby for picnic.
  6. Hohua - Another beautiful picnic spot along Assam Meghalaya border near dhupdhara in Goalpara district of Assam. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of hohuwa river and enjoy your picnic on the river bank. This place is at 92 KM distance from Guwahati.
  7. Hahim.

Some other beautiful picnic spot in lower Assam are.

  1. Ukiam
  2. Ranikhamar
  3. Tapoban - Chandrapur, Assam
  4. Hatisila
  5. Topatoli - jagirod
  6. Nazirakhat - sonapur
  7. Tagheria -
  8. Bhutan chowki
  9. Bhairabkunda
  10. Madan kamdev
  11. Hajo
  12. Orang national park
  13. Deeplai Bill -Kokrajhar

Picnic Places in Middle Assam :

  1. Nameri National Park
  2. Kakochang waterfall
  3. Akashiganga
  4. Champawati Kunda
  5. Sivakunda
  6. Bhalukpong
  7. Panimur Waterfall

Picnic places in Upper Assam :

  1. Bogibeel
  2. Charaideo
  3. Dilli Ghat
  4. Mou-Chapori
  5. borhill picnic spot sivasagar
  6. jeypore rainforest picnic spot

Picnic places Near Guwahati :