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Mesmerizing Meghalaya: A Solo Story

I have travelled in groups with family and friends, to interesting places, both at home and outside India. Travel is addictive. You keep going back for more and every time, it’s a different adventure. I have long since wanted to[...]
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Reiek Tlang - Mizoram, A hiking paradise

Prologue Movie - Into The Wild. Scene - Chris McCandless hikes to reach some clifftop from where he had a 360-degree panoramic view of some of the most breathtaking view of Alaska. He is exhilarating, running, breathing, feeling the[...]
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Okay, I have a confession to make…North East India ruined my life and it will ruin yours too! That’s because you will never find a place as pure, as beautiful and as life changing as this. North East India is somewhere I would[...]
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My love story with NorthEast India

We have always referred India to be diverse in its culture and its geography. This country has everything to offer, starting from the majestic mountains to the high-spirited rivers, from dense forests to the alluring valleys dressed in[...]
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North East India : The untouched beauty

I love travelling and have been to different parts of India. But North-east India continues to remain close to my heart. North-east has everything to offer to a Nature lover, from mountains to rivers, to cascading waterfalls. I have been to[...]
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